1977 Gibson Les Paul Custom (Serial # 73527XXX) - $1900 Shipped
Triple Pickup, Tobacco Sunburst, Push-Pull Pots, Hardshell Case

This is the real deal, not a reissue! The pickups are custom Lindy Fralins. The push-pull pots operate as follows (one activates all pickups and the other controls phase.) Gibson to Fender-esque tones can be accomplished with this guitar. The neck is thin and is great for playing lead guitar.

Everything works and sounds great. Typical wear from a 32 year old instrument, but nothing major. No breaks, no cracks, no repairs. In the grouping of tone and volume knobs, a small hole had been drilled likely for the modification of the push/pull tone pots, but this has no impact on the tonal integrity of this Les Paul. There is also a tiny ding behind the bridge likely caused from the case. There are minor marks on the back from a belt buckle, but absolutey no matchbook-sized areas of missing paint.

I wouldn't be selling this, but am planning to self-release a CD and need money for mastering and duplication. Although I love this guitar to death and will miss it, I mostly kept this as a collector's piece and feel it should go to a fellow musician who will give her the love she deserves. The pictures simply don't do this justice. This guitar is a great way to stand out from the Black Beauty crowd.

I have 100% positive feedback on eBay under sprocket2005. I'm also a member on Harmony Central (rlm297).

Please contact me via PM or post a reply.


:O I bet it sounds immense!

Someone is going to end up with a very nice guitar there, shame I'm in the UK and saving for music college so it won't be me
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