My group is going on tour in the middle of September and our bassist just quit our group. We might have to cancel if we can't find someone to replace him.

Anyone from around the Metro Detroit area that is interested in joining a professional band, please read what I'm offering.

1. First thing We are ONLY PLAYING ON THE WEEKENDS. we are only going to be gone Friday nights-Saturday night

2. We are playing TEN UNIVERSITIES ACROSS THE UNITED STATES. From Michigan to Florida. We are expected to play in front of 200 people per show.

3. I have a Fender Jazz Bass and a Galien-Kruger amp anyone can use.

4. Our group has material written, and the basslines are really not that difficult to learn/ play. Mostly eighth notes, melodic lines, and root notes. Our group is open to ideas, we work well with each other. All that is required is your free time and interest.

5. We're looking for sponsors to fund for this thing. We have transportation as well.

If you're interested or know anyone that might be interested, please msg me back. I promise big opportunities, we are two feet from getting signed to a label and we have a record deal.
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what type of msuci do you play?????

our singer is a rapper and we play live music behind him. however, dont let it sound stereotypical, cause the music we play ranges from hard rock, metal, soft rock, funk.. you name the genre chances are we've took a stab at it. all the group members have an equal say in the material and we function as a cohesive group.

the live shows are great, we get great reception and we play loud and we're hype. we also jam onstage as well if your interested in that. its very organic compared to other rap rock groups.

the main thing is though, we sell. we write original music, and we have labels looking at us. we have contacts in management, publishing, recording, A&R, a record deal, etc. we also have this tour set up. we pretty much got it made, just need a bassist to continue on.

i hope your interested and reply back.
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*sigh* i live in Indiana, but i dont have any transportation. I'd fill the spot but i'm not in your area. Sorry and good luck with the search!
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