Crate G1200H 120w Head

would this be a good thing to buy?

its just the head and its for sale for 85 dollars. 120 watts

but i have heard bad things about crate but this is an amazing steal.

should i get it?
i can right now too

EDIT*i just found an even cheaper one for 75 bucks.
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If you have a cab, 75 bucks isn't really much, you could probably resell for more anyways. But its not really a good amp, but not overly terrible.
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I have a G600 head still. Bought it new in 1989 or so. Gigged with it for years and never had a bit of trouble. The distortion in these heads is really nothing to get excited about. You will need some type of processor, rack or pedal. But for that amount of money I think you'll be okay buying.
meh, you don't get much more than you pay for as far as tone is concerned imo.
^Note: Probably sarcastic
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