I have had my PRS for a good few years now and it's a little bit worn on some of the higher frets and the first 3 frets. Would it be a good idea to dress them now?

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Get a fret dressing done when the frets are uneven enough to cause intonation problems, fret buzz or plain old general playability issues. If one or two frets seem a little uneven but it's not actually effecting your playing or the sound of the instrument at all, a fret dressing is unnecessary.
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Well I have noticed a little bit of choking on the 14th fret high E string only. I tried raising my action a little and it did nothing. When I bend the note up it chokes out. Do you think a thicker gauge string may compensate for this?
Ibanez Jem 7V-WH
PRS Custom 24
ESP Ltd EC1000
a thicker string would make the problem worse since it would be a little closer to the fret. or so i assume, but it makes sence in my head. as far as the 14 fret choking out, you could just get that one dressed.
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You answered Flibbles point, only get one if you need it, but if you are adjusting action and have choking notes during bends, then it wouldnt hurt to get a light fret leveling. It'll run you around $50-$75 most likely from a good luthier, but will be done right.
I had fret buzzing on the 2nd fret G string of my les paul after raising the string gauge. My luthier showed me the first 5 frets all have indentations where the string meets the fret and offered to replace the first 5 frets for $60. I said okay, is this a bad idea? My guitar teacher said all it would need is a fret dress but I'm guessing a new fret is even better? Is this true or is there something bad about getting new frets?
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