It's been like this for a while.

My band has been together for 1 1/2 years and we only have two songs (they are pretty long songs; both add up to around 13 minutes)

The reason for this is I cant seem to stay focused and I procrastinate way too much.

I'll imagine a riff or a section of a song, and I'll get excited and pumped up about it. I record what the riff *roughly* sounds like on my phone's voice recorder (that's how i keep my ideas) When I play it back, it'll sound pretty cool. If i play it again a day or two later, i get discouraged because it doesnt sound as awesome as I remembered.

But thats not always how it happens. Sometimes i'll get to the computer and actually tab out the song on guitar pro. I'll tab out a riff and play it back. Sounds nice. Come back a day later and....you guessed it...I dont like it anymore.

I dont know, its getting rediculous, because I cant stay focused on one song at all. That's only if i get to tabbing it out. I procrastinate way too much. I barely ever get started.
This sounds way whinier than i intended, but I could really use some help with this. Any tips or anything on getting over this would be greatly appreciated.
Well, first you start by not being dumb.....no I'm just kidding. I have the same problem sometimes. This is what I do.

Leave both my cell and ipod out of the room.
Shut all windows/doors/curtains.
Get a notebook, your guitar, capo, pen ect. ect. Basically the bare necessities for writing a song. Set a time, say, two hours. Work on the song for that amount of time. See what you get.
Then take a break and do it again.

The main thing is the distractions lik "Oh, it's a nice day, I'll walk the dog." or "Oh, my friends calling me and I sure do want to go bowling." Things like that trip me up. Tell yourself you're going to spend the day writing, and then do it.

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A good tip is to just write what comes to you and not judge it too much. Play it to someone else and get their opinion as well, that helps. I find it only takes one person's genuine enthusiastic comment to make me more inspired about a riff or song. Thats why writing in a band helps. Coldplay said their advice for writing songs is to keep trying new ideas until your band mates get really excited and then work from there. Coldplay are now very boring and bland but it still holds true. Dont be too critical is my best advice. Slash hated sweet child of mine but that makes no difference to the rest of the world.
Wow, some of this advice helped more than i thought it would.

Yeah, it seems that my biggest problems would be not looking at my riffs more objectively, and my lack of direction (I get overwhelmed when i first start writing...setting a time table for all of the stuff i have to do in a day really helped)

Thanks guys