I searchbarred this and couldn't find anything quite similar to what I'm about to post.

So there's millions of cables out there... I'm still pretty much a guitfiddle noob, and I've honestly only used a few different kinds of cables. Some of the cables weren't in the best shape either.

I know different companies use different materials, but do the different materials really make a difference? I mean, is there really a big difference between a LiveWire cable and a fancy $150 cable?

I noticed that my Fender Vintage Voltage cable, it's a cloth covered cable with huge jacks sounds difference than my LiveWire, which sounds a lot better. But one of the jacks on my Fender cable is bent... which could have something to do with it.

I have a Monster 3 foot patch cable for my pedal. After I bought that for $10, I heard that Monster cables "let too much in," even now I'm still not sure what that means.

I'm not saying what brand cables are best, I'm curious to know if $100 cables are significantly better than the $15 cables.
Most people cannot hear the difference. Most cables get messed up at the ends from being tossed around, handled with improperly, etc. I've accidentally closed my trucks door with of a monster cable was sticking out... chopped it in half :[. Stick with what you're comfortable paying for.
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I don't really care much about spending $30 on a monster cable. But I would sure hope to be getting my money's worth. I would assume $30 would get me durability, life and minimal to no interference.

All the cables seem to have some sort of marketing technique that makes you think "Wow, this is a really good deal compared to this other, cheap cable." Using fancy words like "uninterrupted" and "minimal noise," and pictures.