Hey Guys i'm making my own guitar amp head and speaker cabinet ( i am aware of the work) i need a wiring diagram for a peavey bandit 112, and a standard speaker cab. any Ideas????
Have you had any experiance doing this sorta thing? IDK if its that easy to produce a solid state amp on your own and get a decent sound out of it. A tube amp isnt too bad to make check those out. if your gonna build an amp why not make an awesome one?
no way your going to make a solid state amp if you can't even manage to find a schematic yourself. a wiring diagram is called a schematic btw.

not to put you down but i highly suggest you start with a very simple tube amp so you don't fry yourself and burn your house down.

check out AX84

and get schematics for just about everything from schematicheaven.com