I've got a squier tele that I'm repairing/modding. The body looks like this

But what I want is to have just one humbucker (or even P90) like this

Or this (but without the neck pickup)

So a few questions, first of all I'm guessing nether a humbucker or P90 will fit in the bridge pickup cavity without making it bigger? Is it just a case of going at it with a chisel?
Does anyone know where I can find measurements for a humbucker or P90 so I know how much bigger I need to make the cavity?
Any idea on where I can find a tele custom/deluxe pickguard (black) with just 1 humbucker or P90 cut out?
Or would it be easier to just buy a blank pickguard sheet and cut it myself? (What do you use to cut them?)
Heres a template for routing a p-90

and go HERE for a pickguard. I don't know if they have it but they have everything else I've ever looked for. If they don't have it then order some blank material from warmoth.

If you want a Humbucker get it HERE
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You would use a router to enlarge the cavity. I'm not sure about measurements, but my instinct would tell me that it you might be able to just square off the pre-existing route. I'd get a pickup and measure it to make sure, though.

Are you doing anything else to the guitar? That's a really nice grain on the body there, maybe you should consider a natural or transparent finish.

EDIT: Why don't you just leave the neck pickup in there? If you don't, you'll have to fill the cavity.
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Sorry should have said I'm in UK.
That's not my body, just a picture I found on google.
As for neck cavity, I was either just going to cover it over with the pickguard or fill it with woodfiller