Would the 100 Watt be worth my extra $300 US, i can get a 50 watt for $319 US.

Are these good amps, can some please post what models they do and theres a pretty limit range of Amps in New Zealand.

I play mostly metal but incrasingly blues, jazz and Kansas kinda sounding stuff.

Probably not the best metal amp. but it can do blues, jazz, and other styles pretty well.
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i wouldn't say it's worth it - 50w is fine for smaller gigs and playing over a band etc. so paying twice as much for some power you'll rarely tap into isn't really worth it.

Also bear in mind although this is a decent amp, you will probably want to at some point in the future upgrade from a modelling amp to an amp that is specific and faithful to the sound you want. They don't really come in this price bracket though.

EDIT: i prefer the normal vox ad50vt to the XL version - but that may be just personal taste rather than a actual better sound.
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Quote by KTHXBAI
It says its perfect for Metal/Hardrock? Why would it not suit *to RHCP*?

I think RHCP is mixing up two different models. The ones RHCP is talking about are the normal Valvetronix amps (the Chrome ones). I think you mean the Valvetronix XL amps? Well they are specifically geared towards metal, however I can't comment on their tone for I haven't played one, but I have heard they aren't as good as the normal Valvetronix amps.
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Yeah the XL ones do metal well and can't really do anything else, IMO. The cleans are anything but clean, the closest you get is the "glass" setting. Apparently the new VT50's do metal better than the old AD50VT's did