ok, so my band and me are starting to get fairly serious.
we've got a small set list and a few songs that i myself(vocalist) wrote.
my main influences are from stuff like a day to remember and devil wears prada, to metallica and back to dashboard confessional.

we need a name, thats catchy, and kinda deep and meaningful.

any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
how many of these are there, and how many times will we essentially have to say "think of it yourself"

Ibanez RG7621
Ibanez RG121
i thought of this name the other day...

Sunday vs. August

I felt like august had the same feeling as a sunday

what do yout think, im also a big tdwp fan
SUNDAY vs. AUGUST IS ****ING AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

best name ever!

i'll ask the guys this afternoon, in music.
After The Fall
The Harbinger Strain
Do you feel warm within your cage?

And have you figured out yet -

Life goes by?
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