Just seen this on ebay but I dont know much about the rather confusing Japanese way of giving a model number based on retail price (God forbid their economy ever goes wrong and they suffer hyperinflation... The LS6500000000000 doesnt have the same ring)

Can anyone tell me if this is worth the price? The seller reckons the model is the equivalent to a LS90 which I believe would set you back £800 or so...


The finish is simply perfect, but does anyone know whether this is any good? I believe this is the bottom of the MIJ series... how do they stack up to a gibson standard?

any info on these would be great
nice case , i love these tokai guitars. i have no idea how much they worth in quids. but they should be around a grand or so in dollars.
I have the LS75 and it plays and sounds like a dream, mine was £450 and it was worth every penny and more.
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I used to have a 65 and sold it on here I think, it was perhaps the best guitar i ever had