Hey every one. I'm doin a jag build (Yeah another jag build ! ) anyway just 1 or 2 noobish q's.
1) I got a wired upper left controll plate, but one pot is broken, the volume pot, can i just get a regular vol pot and turn sideways it so it fits the rollers yeah?

2) im lookin for an olympic white finish but im finding it hard to track down does any one know where to find it or maybe a similar colour.

and finally 3) Is there any rule of thum or plans for the depth of the cavity for the trem plate. i'm just going to rout to the level that the plate sits neatly on the body.

If any one's interested. Made the body myself outta alder , squier neck (times are though spent most money on all the hardware for the jag) waiting for the parts to arrive

Any help really appreciated, thanks
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1) depends on the size of the pot.

2) reranch?

3) sorry, no clue

Also, Squier necks are usually great quality, it's the rest of them that's cheap.
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1) what brock said.
2) im almost positive reranch carries it.
3) no idea.....
4) squier makes great necks considering the rest of their guitars
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I love jags, so much win in a little thing.

Make sure you know what you're doing with the scale length and all, normally jags are 24" I think, the squier neck may be something else.

Just double check yourself. hope things go well man.
I don't know if this will help at all, but I've had it sitting around, so here:
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1, You can get the specific fender pots from guitarpartsresource. Fits perfectly.

2, Ultimate refin thread will know

3, Yah, I have a template for the trem route. I used this in my build and I can say it is 100% accurate.

Thanks to every one for posting, the help is REALLY appreciated, especially the dimensions for the trem, i'll try em out most of the parts arrived today actually just waiting for the neck before i attempt routing etc. I got in contact with reranch unf they only post within usa,
does anyone know where else i could get the paint, olympic white

Thanks again
Hi every one
The neck came today With the squier neck coming from a strat type and the jag being a shorter scale type, should i just split the difference in length when considering the placement for the bridge and tremolo, any help with sourcing the paint would b helpull 2 ,

If it's a strat neck you need a strat scale length! It will not intonate if you change it! The saddles should be 25.5 inches from the nut!

For the tremolo, I would have it as close to the bridge as possible without the strings catching otn the edge of the bridge. The greater angle this creates gives a better and more sustained sound in my opinion. However, if you want that really plunky sustainless sound of surf stuff the further away, like the stock guitars is better.

Ask in the ultimate refinishing sticky for paint info!
Ok I have the majority of my original problems sorted out.

1) I found a replacement pot around the house at home ,
3) Going at the trem routing tomorrow with the trem template (thanks again btw)
2) Havent found the olympic white yet, tried the refinishing thread but no response yet .

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CORRECT ME IF IM WRONG but The pickups go directly in to the wood and originally had foam which acted as a cushion under the pickup, not readily available as a replacement productanymore. Would springs be useful for altering the pickup height or is there any need once they're fitted ok ?.
The Mustang bridge I got sits in the 'mounting cups' and is held in place by string tension, it isn't glued in or anything ?
Any help on sourcing the paint would be good, pics coming soon
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Springs under your pickups would be useful for altering the height, yes.

As far as i know the bridge should just be held down by spring tension.
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The foam is for pickup height adjustment I believe, so that as you screw the pickup down the compress foam pushes it up to the height, not as cushion. Try cutting up a dish cleaning sponge or something similar, and compressing into the space (past expereince here). Springs wont cut it, I'm afraid

Oh and the bridge thing totally confuse me too when I put one on my build, but yeah its just held in place by the springs. You drill a tight interference hole the diameter of the botton of the cups, hammer them in with a rubber mallet so they are very tight and the bridge just sits in, the strings sort everything else out.
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sponge , that is genius my friend genius ! ya the bridge had me confused for a sec there. I'll throw up some pics camera decided to not work today ! just to confirm all thats necessary for the string mute is to screw it into the body in the middle hole of the pickgard, is there any plunger thing or anything, the mute came with a screw and washer already attached. thanks for the contribution so far !
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sorry for the delay in posting back

thanks super for that page. I'll get a spring and the top of a screw and play it by year for the routing for the plunger system ,hopefully that'll work.
I haven't had a chance to go at the bridge yet . I want to get the bridge and mute done together.
I'm having problems getting the paint. Paint is considered 'dangerous' for shipping W.T.F.
So living on the island of Ireland is proving to be problematic to say the least !
I was wondering if anyone has a serial/pin number for olympic white / artic white paint. I found a place that'll mix it up for me if i got the number for it.


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