Yeah. I've been getting what seems to be tendonitis in my left(fret) elbow from playing recently. I know i need to see my doctor, that will come very soon. Just wondering if theres anyone that has any pointers on fret hand positioning and the like for further prevention. And yes i know a guitar teacher would point out issues easily, but cannot afford lessons because im poor atm. So any hint/ tips/ advice?

I have been playing stuff a little faster then i prolly should be...bits and peices of DragonForce and a couple All That Remains songs...
i find that playing sitting down for a long time makes my elbow hurt too. try standing and playing and if you already do that than adjust you guitar strap and see if the pain goes away.
Interesting thought. I shall try the standing up playing. Havent done that in a long time. Im too lazy usually.
how do you hold the neck? Do you use your left thumb to apply pressure to the neck or your left palm/wrist?
Thumb. But it runs up the neck. I saw a few pics that were of thumb flat on neck running with the frets. I tried to hold my hand like that and my thumb turns damn near sideways. May have found a weakness.
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Try just repositioning it, changing the angles. Pain generally comes from poor technique so work on it. Take frequent breaks and really focus and study every aspect of your positioning. Ive been getting some pain too lately in my middle finger. I tuned down to play some tool songs, and I was playing Aenima and fretting some of those chords just gave me some weird pain in my middle finger, so I just started using my pointer instead. I think I was just playing with too much pressure but who knows...
When you play sitting down, try playing with your guitar sitting on your left leg, instead on right. And while playing standing up, wear your guitar high, it might not look cool, but it helps with your left forearm.
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