Whats going on guys......

Been playing for a year, i got a Spider Line6 (1st gen model) and a Squier strat.
I always get this muddy tone with distortion, its basicly a wall of ugly sound.

I need a powerfull sound that full, rich, and tight with distortion on. Like Ac/DC's sound , still powerfull and overdriven, but clean and rich at the same time.

So say i got no more $500 bucks, which sould i upgrade first the Guitar or the amp.
(Which is going to get me closer to sound im looking for basicaly)

IF Amp: preferably a tube type, i hear thats where rich tone starts. It can be solid state too though as long its nice. Not too big either. 50w or around there is fine.
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I'd buy a Marshall DSL-401. Awesome amps, great tone. You can find them on ebay from time to time for around $500-800.
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i'd say get a new guitar, because once you dial it in, a spider isn't THAT bad. and you know that the spider is a modeling amp? fool around with it to get the tone you want, if you aren't satisfied with it, than get a new amp

btw, a 50W tube amp will sound like a 150W solid state...

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Well if your gonna gig i guess you would wanna spend it on a decent sized tube amp maybe a b-52 or something used as im not sure the b-52 would do a great ac/dc sound however it would be much better than your line 6. Anyways i guess what i mean is try some out and see what you like. However i had a squier strat and it did get very frustrating, the pickups are week and twangy and tapping and decent hammer ons and pull offs were a struggle. But mroe of your tone comes from the amp so its really up to you and if your comfortable with your guitar for a while. Also, if you're not gigging you could get a really good sounding tube amp which would maybe be more versatile than the b-52(not sure never played one but hear good things) So you have a lot of options and i recomend trying out a combination of different things and see what you like.
You should be able to find a MIM (made in mexico)
HHS strat for $250-$300 used, $450-500 new.

Blackstar is a very cool amp for $400.
Buy a used MIM strat.
And a small used Fender amp.
Throw a DS-1 or similar in front of it.
There ya go.