I was wondering if somebody could help me, as I've been trying to find the tabs for the Johnny Cash and June Carter song "'Cause I Love You."

I would REALLY appreciate it if somebody could either tell me the tabs/chords or show me where I can find them, as I've looked everywhere I can think of and I just can't find the chords anywhere.

Again, I would really be very greatful to anyone who can help.

Thanks in advance!
ahh...on the youtube video he has a capo on the first fret and you can see him playing E and A...i would assume theres either a D or a B7 in there somewhere like alot of his songs...just alternate pick everything and you should be ok..everybody is asleep here so i cant get my guitar to figure it out. sooo im afraid that's all the help i can give
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Thank you so much, I tried to work the song out myself from the youtube video but never noticed the capo. You're right, it's E then A with a capo on the first fret.

Thing is, I can't quite figure out what the third chord is. I know you say it's probably a B7 or a D, but I've tried as many variations of B and D that I know, but I can't quite get the chord right.

Thanks so much for the help so far, and any more help figuring out the rest from anybody would be very much appreciated.
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