Hey Guys,

Sad as it is, I am parting ways with my Gibson Gothic Explorer.
I've got it listed on ebay with pictures https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1011882

Gibson Gothic Explorer 2001 Limited Edition

Note, this is the real deal, not the downgraded Epiphone version. I’ve had this guitar upgraded with EMG-81 and EMG-85 pickups. This thing is HOT. If you are a fan of Metallica or metal in general, this is the guitar for you!

Recently had it checked out and re-setup at The 12th Fret in Portland, OR. The guys there know their stuff and they gave it the thumbs up. http://the12thfret.com/

It’s a pleasure to play this guitar, and I hate to see it go. My loss is your gain.

This guitar is truly a limited edition; you can’t buy new Gothic Explorers anymore.

This guitar is in fantastic shape, with very minor blemishes. There is a faint silhouette of a fish symbol on the front, see the pictures (on ebay, link is up top).

Serial # 00661403
Has original inspection paperwork from Gibson, dated 4/6/01
Ebony Fretboard 24-3/4” Scale Mahogany Body with black satin finish.
Tune-o-matic bridge
Black Hardware
EMG Bridge and Neck Pickups
Gibson Deluxe Hard Shell Case
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reasons of selling?
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How much? And would you consider shipping to the UK?
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