Hey what's up? I run two heads now (Randall V2 ninja/Peavey 5150) via ABY switcher and was just wondering how I would go about using a noise gate on this setup. Do I have to buy two noise gates or can I just buy a rackmountable HUSH? I guess what I'm asking is: What is the easiest way to gate both heads?
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Well you could just stick the noise gate between your guitar and the ABY switcher to get rid of feedback. If you want to get rid of tube hum (by sticking the gate in the effects loop) then you'll have to buy two gates. If you want to gate BOTH then you'll either have to buy 3 single channel gates or 2 two channel gates.

EDIT: Wait I'm wrong, if you want to gate both the front and loop of the amps you could probably just use one 2-channel gate and one 1-channel gate.
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