im currently interested in buying a new amp
i don't really need anyhing more than a 40W since i don't play in any large gigs
and right now i dont want to spend more than $300
i want something with some built in effects
currently im considering
- peavey vyper 30
- peavey envoy 110
- marshall mg30fx (mg4 series)
- ibanez tbx30r tone blaster
im open to any suggestions for any other amps i should consider
Stay away from the Toneblaster. It has "meh" cleans and the drive channel, while it does have plenty of gain on tap, is very thin and harsh sounding.

The the MG4 series are much better than their predecessors but you can still get a much better amp in the same price range.

The Envoy 110 is a great amp - use to own one myself. Its fairly versatile and offers pretty decent tone.

The Vypyr series are some of the best modeling amps on the market, imo. Great amp and effect models and they are pretty loud.

What type of music are you going to be using the amp for?
Superchamp XD.

Why? because your getting a tube amp which will have far superior tone compared to a Solid State amp, will have plenty of power if you ever decide to play some gigs, has 14effects voicings (i think, give or take) + effects on board. The clean channel is excellent and will take pedals very well if you ever decide, and all the other voicing sound pretty damn good also. You can usually get one for about $250.
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mostly i play rock(jimi hendrix,down,seether,zeppelin), lots of grunge(pearl jam, alice in chains, nirvana,soundgarden), metal (pantera,slayer,megadeth) with the occasional folk and blues
and thanks i'll check that tube amp out
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