hey every1 im new to the forums and id like to share some lyrics with u guys
so this is a metal song i wrote crit plz

I have fulfilled these prophecies
im not a mortal man,
its said my time will come
to wreak havoc acrosse the land,

and on that very darkend day
when the moon alines with the sand,
its said all hell will pay
written on the crypts of your pharoohs,

all you ****ing filthy scum
will pay for what youve done to me
and exiled me
to the land of the lost and forgotten,

these bombs ive filled with hate,
rain down upon this earth,
your meaningless life il take
this is the end!

I am the end of all that you know,
i am the end of all
i am the end of all that you know
i am the end!

when the bombs drop
their silent screams
when the bombs drop
their ilent screams are heard by none

red rivers flowing,
chilled winds are blowing,
the crows they are picking,
rotted flesh from your face,

the last dying voices they all fade away!
fade away!
away! ,,,Rm
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