So i have pretty much been through every conceivable option, and based on my budget and what sound i liked i have come down too two amp head's, which are well, almost completely different


one one end is this, a laney lx120h, it's the cheaper amp, it's solid state, i have checked out the sound and i like it.

my other option is


the Bugera 1990, it's more expensive and it's tube.

So my question is, would it be worth it to cough up the extra dough and buy the 1990 or save money and buy the lx120h...

pretty much i'm looking for something versatile, but i will be mainly be playing 80's hair metal, thrash metal, and classic rock
looking to spend under or as close to $600 as possible including cabinet (i've been thinking behringer 4x12)

So that's pretty much it, i have been through about every option and these are the two i came down too... well actually the peavy valveking i also had in mind, but we'll see..
I"m 15, and i don't have much cash, so please don't suggest, like a jcm 800 or something, because as much as i want one, it ain't happening

so between those two, well actually t hree, i'll put the valveking in there...which one to buy? given my budget?
the bugeras are supposedly awesome, and from what i heard out of them, they are pretty damn good for that price.

So i say the bugera, or the valveking.
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You might want to check out your local guitar center if you have one, because I went to about 3 different ones and they all had the 1990 halfstack for $549. Just chiming in on price.

I've played the Bugera for about 10 minutes and was impressed, but haven't played a Laney ever, so no input there.
Bugera should be better for the money.
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I heard the 1990 sounds pretty identical to the JCM900
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