I will play in a bar with my band and they said I need to play about 12 songs, but I havent choosed yet. The songs must be appreciated by everyone, so dont propose me Death metal or something like that.
The bar is frequented by 30-40 years old men, so ive tought about playing some old rock like Dire Straits, Rolling Stones, Supertramp, Jimi Hendrix, maybe some Red hot chili Peppers also.
It must be varied and fun to play, and not too much challenging (the hardest song I can play is fade to black with the last solo, so dont propose me songs that are way harder than that).
BTW sorry for my english I know it suck
metallica - for whom the bell tolls
rolling stones - paint it black
green day - holiday
blink 182 - dammit
scorpions - rock you like a hurricane
judas priest - breaking the law
ac/dc - back in black
alice in chains - man in the box
boston - peace of mind
rage against the machine - killing in the name
twisted sister - we're not gonna take it
iron maiden - iron maiden
I think metallica will be a bit too heavy just to animate a bar, even if i love that song, green day and blink 182 out of question (i hate punk music). What about some Led Zeppelin?
Ive also tought about Mario takes a walk by Jesse Cook