Hey I made some good cash and i think the best way to spend it would be is on a pedal board. I play in a cover band, a jazz band, a big band and a soul/gospel band. I want some sort of chorus(boss?), a wah(not sure), a envelope filter, (mxr auto q i was thinking), a delay(boss dd 20 giga dealy?) and throw me one something else that could come in handy thanks.

my rig is currently a laney rb9 head with a laney 410 cab and a fender active mim jazz bass.

p.s i already have a distortion pedal
Hey hey!

I play bass. One thing that I learned early on is that bass does not sound great with lots of effects. I would recommend an envelope filter definitely, but other than that, a chorus would be the only other thing I would suggest.

For the filter, depending on your price, the EHX Bassballs and Q-Tron are both fantastic, but if you can afford it, an old Mu-Tron III is by far my favorite envelope filter ever.

For chorus, try out the Electro Harmonix Small Clone.

Good luck!
I'd throw a wah in, like you mentioned. There are some great bass wah's out there and they sound pretty cool.
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those new EHX filters sound awesome i dont know what they were called i think one is called riddle and enigma or something like that. crybaby bass wah, its the standard, right?
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This is what I found for you..


thanks man i was looking at this one before but i want to try it but i cant find anywhere that has it in my town, i was also looking at the morley classic wah i tried it and it ended up souding great!
Fuzz, delay, reverb and pitch shifting (EHX HOG/POG(2)/Whammy) are never a bad thing.
ya man i got some distortion that is kind of a fuzz and man i really want the dd 20 it looks ****ing tight