I am wanting to start building guitars.
If what i know is correct, the basic body shape is easy if you have a template, a router, a ball bearing router bit, and 2x sided tape.
I am going 2nd hand (lol), and I want to know if this is a decent router?
Yes I'm a kiwi
im a n00b at this, so please help out?
I have not heard of this brand. However, you may want to look it up on Amazon.com to get an idea of how much a new one would go for.

I like router kits that have a fixed base and a plunge base. Or, if you are strapped for cash (I just paid for new brakes and am trying to decide if I can afford that $5 forestner bit and eat) you can get one that will let you get a plunge base as an accessory later.
^ thanks for your help!
^^ thanks too!

what kind of brands do you guys recommend? I am looking at a price of under 100 nzd (about 65-70 usd i think).
I might just buy a normal one that allows you to get a plunge base as an accessory. How much do they cost, and how much do the plunge bases cost?
Umm... is a plunge base something that allows you to modify the depth easily? lol told u im a n00b.
Here is a reivew of a Hitachi kit with both bases. Not trying to sell you on it but it does give you some more info on what to look for in a router.


Basically, a plunge router allows you to place the router over the pichup recesses and plunge the bit into the wood, sort of like a drill, then you can mover the router around to route your cavity. With a fixed base, you need to drill a pilot hole first. THe trade off, at least for me, is that the fixed base router is more stable since it typically has a lower center of gravity. Since I use a forestner bit first to remove excess wood, I don't use my plunge base that often. However, when you need it, it is great to have.