I have a radial tonebone trimode distortion pedal which I absolutely love, however a couple of weeks ago it started creating a lot more noise when it was activated. It is feeding back and hissing like crazy.

Any ideas of what could be wrong?

The radial pedal has a tube inside, is it possible the tube could just be blown? I was going to take it to a shop, but I trust the pit, whether rightly or not, just the same.

are you playing it near a computer or fluorescent lights? tubes and pickups makes noise near them
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if you haven't already you should replace the tube anyway with something other than the stock JJ. I really "opens" up the sound and id say it sounds like 20% better. Try something like a tung-sol or electroharmonix
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believe it or not, the pit has been extremely helpful with any questions I have had.

Nope i have played it in different areas, including outside. It just keeps feeding back like crazy. Yeah I was thinking of trying the tungsol, thanks man