Hi everyone,

I frequently see 'performer' series Jacksons for sale - Either on eBay or on local sale sites.

I do not know much about them, but I have seen a PS3 RR that I am interested in.

Can anyone tell me about the quality of these guitars? Does anyone know how the PS1/2/3 compare?

For comparison reasons, at what sort of equal level in todays jacksons would a PS3 RR sit? As in, would it be similar to a RX10D? An RR3?

I am interested, but I feel the seller is asking too much, so I want to get some more background knowledge first.

Are they prone to having any issues of problems? i.e. Electrics? P/ups?

Thank you all for your help!

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So no-one can tell me anything about these?

Surely some of you must have an old one lying around?
Gear List;

Laney VH100R with Matching Cab
Ibanez RGT42FM
Schecter C-1+
BC Rich Neck Thru Warlock
ISP Noise Decimator
Ibanez TS9
ive never heard of a jackson with electronical problems...i have not played a performer series so i cannot comment but the jacksons i have played were pretty awesome

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i just sold a ps-4 that i had for a couple years. mine was a decent starter guitar, i would imagine on par with squire. i got it used, so i dont know if the problems were inherent or just mine, but it had a crap floyd rose and ganky tuners, so it never stayed in tune. i even lowered the trem to keep it from moving, and nada. also a little staticy from either the input jacks or the pickups, but i dont know **** bout electronics. obviously still playable though.

also, mine was japanese made, and i think at some point they moved production. i sold mine for 200, but that was a whole setup with case and mg10 practice amp
i bought a ps1 off my guitar teacher not long after i started playing,its a fantastic guitar,only prob with it at moment is needs a good service the pickups or wiring is a bit off,ive had guitar for 15 years,just love playin it.
i got an old ps1 from my uncle who bought it at a yard sale for $20 US. i didnt really play it that much but for $20 it sounded pretty good. all of the pots were scratchy and the pups were starting to rust but that was prob from bad maintenance. so if you treat it right it will prob last a while. after about a year i re-built it and the only thing i kept was the body. it is my main guitar now. i can also say that the original paint is extremely thick and it seems like they dipped it in a bath of lacquer.
TS, your best bet is to try asking the forums at jcfonline(.com). Thats where I went when I needed help with my Jackson and buying it.
I had a ps-37 rhodes. made in 94 i believe, but it was quite nice, had the best neck i have ever played, and i cant even find the same profile on any other jackson neck. I only paid 300 and another 50 for an emg 81 in bridge. still wish i didnt sell it, if it was neck-thru rather than bolt on it would have been the only guitar i would ever own.
My first guitar was an early 90's Jackson PS3t.

Which was poplar body, rosewood/maple neck, jackson branded everything and a black finish.

It was a really bad guitar for a beginner and I will admit that I loved it at the time but as I got more knowledgable and progressed as a player I started to realise it was a piece of junk.

I bought it used and I will say this. I have seen many Performer Series Jackson guitars over the years and they do not stand the test of time well at all. The weak poorly made floyds and the squealing feedback city toneless pickups ruin the guitars.

The floyds on them, some cheap licensed effort start to deteriorate and do not hold their tune and they end up breaking and have to be replaced. The same happens to most guitars that were sold with cheap licensed Floyd copies over time.

Just about every Performer Series Jackson I have laid my eyes on has been ready for the bin. I did enjoy the necks I will give that to them but like the old cheap "Forth Worth Texas USA" Charvel guitars they do not age well and it would be a waste of you're hard earned cash for you to pursue this guitar.

There are far better deals out there and since the nu-metal boom in early 2000's there are plenty of these Randy Rhoads type V's to choose from at very good prices and far superior quality.
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