Hi all,

I recently bought myself a 2nd hand Laney VH100R Half stack as it was going cheap. (It's not my ideal gig amp, but It will be good until I can save up for another)

I play in a death metal band and the amp isn't quite up to the tones that I'm chasing. It does Opeth and progressive very well, but the really crushing 6505 style gain just isn't there.

I heard a sound clip on youtube of a GH100L with a TS9 and it sounded quite good - Tighter and more distorted than it does now. I understand that a TS drives the tubes harder and gives a tighter and more distorted sound if set properly - Is that about right?

What are the best overdrive/tubescreamer pedals for enhancing amps for metal styled tones? All I ever hear is TS9 this and TS9 that. I always see TS7's and TS10's but I don't know what the difference is...

You'll have to forgive my ignorance, I'm not really an effects person...

Thanks for the help everyone!

Gear List;

Laney VH100R with Matching Cab
Ibanez RGT42FM
Schecter C-1+
BC Rich Neck Thru Warlock
ISP Noise Decimator
Ibanez TS9
TS7 and TS9 are pretty similar in tone but TS9 seems to be built with better components
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I've had pretty good luck with the Wylde overdrive. A little more drive (not necessarily a good thing, you'll be most likely be using the level control more than the drive control to impact your front end) and a bit more tonal color, but give it a shot and see if you like the final tone.
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TS808 - first tube screamer. better quality than all the others, but much pricier.
TS9 - second generation TS. great for the price, perfect for pushing an amp into metal territory or just to tighten it up a little.
TS9DX - a more versatile TS9 with four modes to choose from, each one hotter than the last. sounds great with Analogman's mods.
TS10 - no longer being made, was one of the cheaper versions. if you can find one for cheap, get it. but everyone jacks up the prices on them because it's a TS.
TS5 - part of the sound tank series, probably the cheapest one made. plastic housing, bad components and all around poor quality. i would avoid it.
TS7 - the newest edition to the TS line, it's been a round for a couple of years. it's not too bad once you mod it out, but it's pretty bad stock.
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You also might as well checkout the Keeley mods for the tube screamers while you are at it. I think if I was going to be buying a TS, I'd get one of those perhaps.

There is also a tube screamer hard wired edition that looks cool, but it's expensive.