These are lyrics for two songs: one from my band's demo and one from our upcoming album. Thanks!


Often people say,
That their paths will cross in time.
But the further we drift,
The more I doubt that you'll ever cross mine.

Hands entwined.
I never thought this would be the last time.

The changing of lives
Through the passing of time
I'll never forget you
But i'll always regret you

But it's okay,
Because in time,
In time...
Our love has died.

"Curtains to the Close"

“Curtains To The Close”

I'll step to the side, let fate decide.
I've been walking alone for so damn long.
This scene seems to finally be coming a close.

I feel like i'm running on my hands again.
I hear what you're saying, but I can't let it go.
You've been following the curtains to the close.

The heart in my hand is singing...
But it's singing such a sad song.

It's singing,
"I just want to be somebody-
To somebody-
I just want to be somebody-

So let me be somebody, please.
I have cancer, fight me.