Quick question - how long should i expect it to take before i get a quite good at relative pitch. Is it something that keep be learned quickly like learning the notes on the stave of the notes on teh fretboard or is it more of a "practice every day" and it'll improve over the coure fo months/years?

Just doing the ear trainer at musictheory.net and averaging 75% and haven't notived much improvement over the past few days? this normal?

Depends on how naturally gifted you are at it. Some people perfect it while others never get a handle on it whatsoever. I've never used an ear trainer so I can't comment on that but don't be expecting any noticeable improvement in just a few days. Try tabbing out a few simple songs by ear, tuning your guitar by ear with one reference note, and picking out which key a song is in while you have a tuned guitar at your disposal to use as a reference. I had been playing for a few years and tabbed out a few songs here and there but never really paid much attention to ear training and then one day I just decided to try and do everything by ear. After a month or so I'm surprised how much I improved. I started noticing that my tuner was essentially worthless, began making fine tuning adjustments during songs because certain strings sounded slightly off (although my tuner, which is of high quality, had no mention of it being out of tune), and so on. That said I would not even consider that I have relative pitch even now, far from it. Just take your time and incorporate ear training into your routine just as you would a metronome and the results will follow, just don't expect them in days.
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