I'm looking into getting a Shure microphone, but I'm not sure which one i want.
I would be using it for recording electric guitar amps,acoustic guitar and some vocals.
Should I go with a dynamic mic or a condenser mic?(remember its gonna be used for more than one purpose)
Could you recommend me some shure mics to look into?
Well a condenser for acoustic material, a dynamic for electric. If it has to be both then go for a dynamic. The Shure SM57 and 58 microphones are the same but with/without a windscreen. I would choose one of those.
shure sm57 is pretty damn cheap for a microphone and its an industry standard. im not just saying that its used virtually on every every studio that mics guitar amps, and its also the standard on snare drums. it can do jsut about anything, though a condenser is better for acoustic/vocals the sm57 will still give acceptable results. guitar cabs and snares id say are its specialty.
Okay,so the condenser is better for acoustic/vocals, Would you guys reccomend it for a guitar amp?

Either way it is a huge upgrade from my crappy computer mic, so i guess both would sound great
I've just started out myself, and based on a lot of reading around here and elsewhere, went with the SM57 as my first mic (for vocals, mic'd tube amp, and acoustic).

My reasoning was that while a couple of good condensers would be better for the vocals and acoustic, condensers are typically quite a bit more expensive, and seem to be more special-purpose, whereas dynamics will be okay and are typically a bit cheaper; and from all reports the SM57 will handle pretty much anything I throw at it so I'll always be able to find a use for it even after I've started getting more specialised bits. As long as I'm working with only a single mic, I want it to be something that will do a passable (if not perfect) job of everything, and that won't drain the bank.

I did debate getting two SM57's right off the bat, because two mics would be much more useful to me than just the one. But I figured that I'll see how I go with the SM57 for now, and based on that experience will perhaps have a better idea what exactly I need from a second microphone when it comes time to buy one.
Personally i dont like condenser mics for amps n such they are to sensitive a SM 57 is great for amps and such and is acceptable for vocals if you know how to eq properly on an 10 band or higher EQ its definitely worth the money tough as nails where as a condenser are incredibly fragile and require 48v Phantom power where as the dynamic SM 57 does not

so i would go the 57 personally or even a 58 they are both similar except the 58 has a windshield and a slight peak at around 3KHz for vocals
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