Ok so I know Coffey recently got a new Taylor GS, but does anyone know if he plays any other guitars? Also what can anyone tell me about the Taylor brand? How is the playability? And what type of tone are they known for?
Playability isn't really that much of a factor. Almost any guitar can be made to play well. But every Taylor I've seen in a shop has had pretty sweet playability.
They tend to have very bright, shimmering high end and in my opinion sort of brittle bass. But I prefer Martin and Breedlove, so that's just me.
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Bob Taylor started making guitars with electric guitar-like playability in mind. thats what the guys at the latest Taylor Roadshow I went to told me. Judging from every Taylor I have ever played including acoustcs, solid bodies, and the T5 the factory setup on Taylor guitars is pretty much perfect. Note that I am NOT speaking for the 100, 200, or Baby series. Taylor guitars are very modernly voiced, not like most Gibsons or Martins. They are bright, tight, focused, extremely well balanced tonally. Of course this will vary from model to model since different woods and body shapes make most of the difference here. They come stock with elixir strings, which also adds to the brightness and might account for what Artemis calls a brittle bass. Like I said the tone is very affected by body shape, woods, and strings. I prefer Taylors with a set of Phosphor bronze strings because they tighten up some of that bass.

As far as the GS series Coffey plays...the GS body is sort of a happy medium between a Jumbo and Grand Concert body style. Heavy on bass and very pleasing in the mid and treble range. I've never seen one of these with a cutaway, which is a bit of a turnoff for me.

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