I need a new amp for practicing in bedroom and sometimes playing with other guitarrists...
I play metal and hard rock like iron maiden, metallica, megadeth. The budget is 500 euros or aprox 700 dollars
I just can buy from http://www.musicstore.com/en_EN/EUR, or other european online stores because I from portugal.
I have heard about the peavey 6505 but are too expensive (750 euros), maybe a randall ? or a valveking but don´t have a high gain.

Please help me
i got a used 6505 for $550 us dollars. but to be honest, its not the best at getting those scooped mid tones. its a very mid heavy, deep dark sound.
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heres a few options from thomann.de -

Randall - http://www.thomann.de/pt/randall_rg50_tc.htm
Peavey - http://www.thomann.de/pt/peavey_valve_king_112_gitarrencombo.htm

with your budget I'd also consider so of the better solid states -

Randall - http://www.thomann.de/pt/randall_rg75g3plus.htm
Vox - http://www.thomann.de/pt/vox_vt50.htm
Line 6 - http://www.thomann.de/pt/line6_flextoneiii_egitarrencombo.htm
Peavey - http://www.thomann.de/pt/peavey_vypyr_75.htm

or just hit that ebay like there's no tomorrow.
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