me and a friend have decided to start a band. melodic metalcore if u were wondering with influences from parkway drive if u didnt notice haha im lead guitarist and my friend is vocalist. were having trouble picking a rythm guitarist and drummer. what should we look for like anything particular that should stand out to us?

and do we need a bassist weve found a good one but im not sure if its necessary for this genre? and considering half the people in our city are 60+ its gonna be hard to get gigs but guess i shouldnt look ahead that far, but lets just say we do start doing gigs what kinda place should we book them clubs house partys?

thanks in advance
the hours have become irritations! i find myself reduced to lifes immitations!!
Obviously your rhythm guitarist and drummer should have the same kind of interest in music that you do and yes, you do need a bassist.
If half the people in your city are 60+ then play to the other half, or go to another city. As for gigs, play where ever you can, clubs, pubs, partys where ever.
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Good luck out there man. Rythem Gutarists should be easy enough to find, there are a lot of fellas/ladies out there that can riff well, but lack soloing skills, so finding one should prove easy enough.

+1 on the Bassist, you need one.

Just get together and start jamming, maybe do a few covers and see how the chemistry works out there. You might just find that things are a lot more promising than you first thought.

I really hope it works out for you man, good luck.
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thanks guys. contacting that bassist will be hard tho as im in germany until sept 4th haha just hope someone else doesnt need a bassist and your definitly right about rythm guitarists haha theres a lot but just cant find the "right" one
the hours have become irritations! i find myself reduced to lifes immitations!!
One thing you can keep in your back pocket, and many gutarists wont have this advertsied, is that a good deal of gutarists have dabbled in bass. Depending on the complexity of your music, a rythem gutarist turned bassist can, and often does work.

Most bassists I know were/are gutairists. A few of them are damn good ones too. It speaks volumes to thier character when they take the bass in a band, not that playing bass is any less than playing gutair, becuase it most assuredly is not. It shows dedication, teamwork, and a one vision mentality. These guys/gals are hard to come by, but if you get one, dont let go.
1981 Gibson Les Paul Custom (Black Beauty)
1980 Marshall JMP 2204
I think that you should most definitely have a bassist. As far as the genre goes, you shouldn't worry about it. You should play what feels good, not try and sound like somebody else. My bassist really digs ska, but we're a classic/progressive rock band. I don't really know much about metalcore, so i don't know whether you need another guitarist in the band. I usually play all the guitar parts in my band. More space and room for creativity there.
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