I own a fender acoustic guitar with a fishman, a Marshall as50d and a sound city sc40 - can I plug the acoustic into my sc40 with no risk of doing any damage?

I wanna hear it with overdrive

No, seriously, one amp is far more easy to carry than 2!

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It will work, but electric guitar amps can't reproduce the frequency range of an acoustic so it won't sound all that great.

Bass amps work much better (provided they have a tweeter) -if your bass player has a spare input, ask nicely and he might let you use it!
Kyle is right, it's not gonna hurt anything but it's not going to sound that good. What you could do, however, is get a magnetic soundhole pickup for the acoustic and string it up with nickel strings. Magnetic soundhole pickups have the right impedance for an electric guitar amp so they work much better. A lot of great 60's and 70's acoustic rockers used magnetic soundhole pickups and electric guitar amps.
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when i use my flat top i run it threw a main squeeze and tone driver pedal from digitech and plug that in to a creat amp . the tone driver helps to pick up where the flat top leves off i get a damn good sound out of that .it like a pre amp it gives it more balls to get out there you mite say . you got to work with setings to get your sound but it dose work fine i do this all the time .