I was playing guitar earlier, and when i pushed down on the whammy bar it broke off. Now there is a decent sized piece of it suck in below where I can reach it. Does any one know how to get it out. Its an American Strat btw.
It's impossible. That's happened to me twice on my American '62 Reissue, and both times it's happened I've had to replace the entire block. I wish it was easier, but if you want to whammy again, you'll need a new block. I'm in the process of getting a new one right now, actually.
My advice would be take it to the shop you got it from, if its still within its warranty they will either give you a new one, or repair it for you.
they have screw removal drill bits now for when you strip the head off of a screw you could use that (home depot probably has them) or drill a drill bit half way into the broken piece and use the bit its self as a handle to remove it

Edit: this is what i meant it might help
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I'm going to go out to a hardware store ill report back later, and keep checking here for updates
if you have a thin slot head screwdriver you can make a notch on top of the piece and twist it out like a screw
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You could probably do it this way (very carefully of coarse).

Use a drill with a fairly small drill bit. And drill from the bottom up (the direction you put the strings in). That may unscrew the piece of the wammy bar that is still inside..

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i went to a hardware store and i talked with an expert, he showed me a couple of special drill bits, im gunna try them out in a bit
Be careful with them, Make sure you don't put your hand in the way. This counts for scissors, knives and such too.
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What I would do is just grab some pliers, hold really tight, and twist.
Actually, you could get the "Grab-it" screw that Billy Mays advertised. That worked for me.
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You could also take a screwdriver (or anything else long and sturdy) and put some super glue on the end, then press that against the piece of the bar that's in there until you can screw it out.

There was also an issue of GW that had 3 different ways for fixing this, but I'm not sure which one it was.
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get a magnet pen, and stick it in and depending on how tight the piece is, twist it out

the drill idea seems pretty good

if nothing you try works, take it to a guitar shop
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