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I now play the guitar for 1.5 month and I played with the tuning EADBGE untill now. Now I learned from a tutorial seen on YouTube how to tune your guitar Drop D down half a step (Db Ab Db Gb Bb Eb) and Drop C (CGCFAD).

Now, I know from the tutorials you need to tune DOWN your strings (make them sound lower). But is it always that way? Are there 'higher' sounding tunings than EADGBE?

There are higher tunings but they usually put too much stress on the strings so it's not commonly done.

There are 'open' tunings that'll have you up tune some strings for that open chord.
Some tunings utilize tuning one or more strings up. For example, open E tunes the 5th and 4th strings up a tone and the 3rd string up a semitone. Open C requires you to tune the 6th string down two tones, the 5th string down one tone, the fourth string down one tone, the third string stays the same, the second string up one semitone, and the first string stays the same.
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There are alternate tunings where you have to raise strings. For example, you can tune your guitar so it plays a major chord when open or barred straight across. Generally though, people tune down for a more gritty tone, easier bar chords, or to reach lower notes otherwise impossible.
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^ err it's called using a capo
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lower, 99% of times a tuning will be lower
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That's typically done through a capo, as has been said, as higher tunings put a lot more stress on the guitar's neck.
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yes there is

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The other day my bro tuned my guitar to Drop Eb... Not Eb Standard, Drop Eb...


I don't know why he did that...
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most say drop tune , i do notice when i use to tune in standard tunning my octive would go up 1/2 when locked in my floyd rose but i just read about an automatic de-tuner stomp box, i,m going to check out' ',and as ussuall you,ve got exellent advise from your fellow axe grinders keep grinding!!!!!
Thank-you for your comments! I don't know anything about chords (because I'm a newbie) but I think you guys just said you drop your tuning (eccept when using a cappo)

There *are* a few higher tunings, but you run a chance of busting your string(s) doing so.
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