I've been wanting to get an acoustic guitar for a while now, so decided I'd have a look around.

I've been looking around the net for a while now, read the "guitars under $300" thread, and I think I've narrowed down my choices to the following four acoustic guitars:

Takamine G330S (still looking for an online UK retailer for this one)

I'm planning on going down to a few guitar stores to try out various acoustics, but just wanted to see if anybody had any opinions on these four guitars that I'm interested in.

Any alternative suggestions would be welcome too - I'm looking around for an acoustic that's under £200 (will stretch to £250 if I feel it's worth it), solid top, 6 string.
The Alvarez is easily the best imo. An entirely solid constructed guitar for that price is a steal.

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i recommend the alvarez
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The Alvarez MD60 is a great guitar. I've only played 2 Alvarez guitars in my life. The MD60 being one and the MD95 being the other. Both were wonderful and quite a joy to play. I couldn't recommend it more.
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All solid wood for that price is a great deal right there, assuming you like the sound of a cedar top.
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I think the Alvarez is standing out as a clear choice, and while most expensive from the four I looked at, probably worth the extra £50 or so.

Only problem is, looking through the websites of the guitar stores that are within travelling distance, I can't see any that stock the MD60 so I can give it a play to test it out. That said, it's unlikely that I'd be a very good judge on the quality of sound since I'm not very familiar with acoustic guitars. Reviews online seem to be unanimous in that the sound quality of the guitar is great for the value, as it's all solid. Is this enough, do you think, to justify buying online without test-playing first? (I could always, I suppose, use the site's money-back guarantee if I'm not satisfied).

Also, I live in England (hence the £# prices :P), and don't find that my room varies in temperature a lot. Is it worth buying a humidifier? If I did buy a humidifer, would it only work with a hard case?
Alvarez is without a doubt the best choice here. You can EASILY justify buying without trying in this case.

Your room may not vary in TEMPERATURE but it does vary in humidity. You're going to want a humidifier, and definately want a hard case. And yes, the humidifyer will only work with a hard case.
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Hmm, seems like I'll be adding a humidifer and hard case to the purchase then. If the case will set me back around £50 anyway, do you think it would be worth going for the

instead? Comes with a case, and it'd give me the added benefits of being able to use it along with an amp and the cutaway to access the higher frets - but would this come at the cost of sound quality at all? I think if I'm having to buy a hard case the cost will come to about £300 either way (this bothers me slightly, I was planning to spend max £200, but if I'm able to get an all solid acoustic for that bit extra, I may as well).

EDIT: Oh, and will I be able to use the electric-acoustic with my current ordinary electric guitar amp?
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Well if that Masterworks Alvarez guitar comes with the same case that mine did, then according to Cap, it will work well with a humidifier, because the case that came with mine is really well built. Plus, it's a sexy case too XD.

And yes, you can plug your acoustic guitar into your electric guitar amp; While acoustics do sound nicer through acoustic amps, you can use electric guitar amps; And it still sounds pretty good, considering the electronics that come with those.

EDIT: I just looked at the link after posting, but yes, from the looks of it, that is the same case that came with my Masterworks Alvarez. It'll work to humidify I think. It's very sturdy.
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I've settled on the Alvarez MD60C + Case combination for £300, and will buy a separate humidifer for around £10 (I'm thinking should do). So, started with a budge of £200 tops, and am now spending £310, but I suppose I'm getting an all solid wood acoustic instead of just a solid top, plus a case and humidifer.

Thanks for the help everyone!
No problem, that guitar should last you a very very very long time, and since it's made of all solid wood, It'll just keep sounding better the more you play it over time (or so I'm told).

Also, you may want to get a hygrometer to check the humidity of where you are; In some climates you need a dehumidifier, because it's already too humid outside everywhere (usually coastal areas, rain forests, and some others). A humidifier is a good thing to have though.
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You win this thread. Pipe organs FTW.

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Let's take it one step further and add a slogan:

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The MD60 is your best option. But still look around you may find something you like more in that price range. Also look into used guitars sometimes you can get a guitar of better value for less money.