Which one of these simulators is the best? And why?
Currently I have Pod Farm, but i'm looking for something more br00talz!!

  • Amplitube Metal
  • Pod Farm
  • Revalver Mk. III
  • Guitar Rig 3
  • Any others?
I'd take Revalver purely on features (I mean, custom amps! Come on!!!).

I don't like GR3 much... for hard-hitting metal-ish tones I guess it's good, but I kept getting muddy tones and the crap phaser just killed it for me (I ended up using Sanford Phaser instead).
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With pedals you can throw your guitar down for an impromptu pedal drone solo, whereas if you did that on a rack it would just look like you were programming your washing machine.
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Try the Overloud TH1 trial, it's quite awesome.

I forgot that one - seems to do pretty good heavy tones though the Marshall-esque models were mediocre at best.