Hey, if your not busy, please could you have a listen to my original songs...


There's a solo in all of them I think, which is normally the only part which isn't a half ass job :P Please rate or comment the ones that haven't already been rated or commented on

If you have any questions... ask
Bands I've Seen

Robert Randolph and The Family Band
Eric Clapton
Letz Zep
Arc Angels
Eric Clapton (At the Royal Albert Hall ;D)
Joe Bonamassa
Eric Clapton & Jeff Beck (at the O2 arena ;D)
The Bootleg Beatles
the solo is the only part that isn't a half ass job? yeah right. your stuff is great all around, man.

clapton, page, and townshend? you can't really go wrong with songs based on their styles.

great stuff.
i really like your song Spring, too.

check out my stuff if you wouldn't mind? not the same style, but it can't hurt to ask.

keep it up man.