Just a quick question, will a Vox Amplug fit into a guitar jack socket that is angled into the top of the body, rather than on the side, like my Ibanez S470?
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it should if you can angle the plug.
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Well, it barely fits in my tele, but it goes well on the strat.
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Those recessed input jacks on the S series are tricky.

I would think you would have to force it in.

I tried with my Metal amplug and my SF420 and it didn't fit in smoothly so I just don't use that guitar with the amplug.
If it doesn't, you can buy like little things you plug the AmPlug in (not like it's made for it, but if you get me here), and it's got like a couple of inches of wire and then a plug.

I've got one somewhere, just have a look about.
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