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31 61%
23 45%
7 14%
Voters: 51.
How many of you use a 2x12 cab for live shows and how many of you use a 4x12?

thanks for your input

If you choose "other" please elaborate
You don't need a 4x12. a 2x12 is big enough.
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depending on the size and if on the day i decide to look ''cool'' ill have a 4x12 , but if its a small gig ill stay with the 212
Awesome please keep the responses coming, i think this info is useful to people trying to decide what to buy.
I use whatever I get, right now the only thing I have is a 60w 112. If I'd have a choice I'd go for a 2x12, if you'd ever need more volume than that you'd probably just mike it up.
hmm... how about two 2x12 cabs? (nothing but aesthetics in mind)
2x12. If you NEED a 4x12, you probably NEED a pa system. And if thats the case, a 2x12 would do just fine. Plus they are a bit cheaper.
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Knightmare you are the winner

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I chose all of them... just because I could

I only have 4x12s... so I guess that means I can only use 4x12s.
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2x12. If you NEED a 4x12, you probably NEED a pa system. And if thats the case, a 2x12 would do just fine. Plus they are a bit cheaper.

No one needs 4x12s, PA system or not - it's simply a different sound. I love the 'big' sound, the only reason I'm not currently using a Plexi with a 4x12 is limited space/weight in the band transport.
How would a 2x12 with g12k100's compare in sound to a 4x12 with g12-t75's?
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4x12 cause i got mine for $10!

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I've played shows with 2x12 with 1 speaker in it, ha... the 5150 is loud enough no matter what i run it into....
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