Hi, this is a first thread for me after a very long time I haven't been here and I hope to write here as much as I can now.

Anyway, I uploaded a video of me doing Hendrix's Red House, and I'm too embarrassed to show it to my friends, but I still would like an opinion so I decided to publish it here.

It's very much not perfect but I think I did o.k., it doesn't have great technique but I tried to play from the heart, please tell me what you think, both on the youtube page and here.

Red House

BTW - Quality isn't that good because I recorded it with a digital camera and not a proper video one.

BTW 2 - I also did the vocals, I'm a very poor singer but this one actually turned out half decent.
Your face...

Sounds good. Your voice sounds allright to me

"I don't have an instrument, I don't have a great voice, I just have some nice clothes maybe." paul rutherford
Thanks for the replies, a friend also commented about my face, I guess it didn't occur to me how funny it's going to look...
Not bad man, you play it a bit differently and a little smoother style.

Try slowing your singing down and drawing it out a little bit more, to match your style of play.

And use mucho vibrato.

But that's just IMO.