I'm looking for a new amp and its finally time a buy a tube amp.
Preferably to be able to be used for practicing along at home and small gigs but definatly has to be able to play over a loud drummer.

I'm not really sure about a budget but i'd be willing to do alot of saving so say along the lines of 1000 euro - 1300 ( $1400 - $1800 )
The budget includes cabs aswell.

Style of music to play would be along the lines of;
Protest the hero
Between the Buried and Me
All That Remains
Dream theater

I'd like the amp to have decent cleans aswell but being able to get the sounds similar to the bands above is more important and i'm willing to sacrifice the cleans.

I'll be playing through it with a schecter C-1 Hellraiser fr with emgs (81, 89)
ENGL Screamer or Fireball maybe?
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Quote by britishsligean
peavey valveking 112

Wrong. The Peavey VK is designed for blues rock based music. Its far too muddy and doesn't have enough gain to get a proper tone for the bands that the TS mentioned. Sure there are upgrades that you can put in (new tubes, speaker, etc.) but even after the upgrades the amp still sounds muddy and lifeless, imo. Also why spend money on something that you will have to spend more money and time on to upgrade when you could just spend more money in the beginning and get something that sounds decent stock.

The VK is not good for metal and its not the metal machine that everyone wants it to be.

TS: For the bands you mentioned I would look into some used Mesa's. Try a single or dual rectifier or maybe a Mark IV.
Since you're in Europe, I'm going to suggest you try finding a used Engl Fireball head and a matching cab, preferably something with Vintage 30 speakers. Engl or Orange cabs should be right for you, though other brands and other speakers can sometimes be bought for cheaper and be okay as well (Marshall cabs come to mind).
If you go for a used Fireball, you'll have enough spare cash left for a nice used 4x12" cab. If a smaller cab is more to your liking though, Framus 2x12" cabs are 300€ and can be bought used for roughly 200€. They have Vintage 30s. If you get a Framus, you'd have enough money left for a used Engl Savage or Engl Blackmore. The Savage is super versatile, while the Blackmore is imo more of a rock amp (old-school voicing, all in all), but it can be persuaded to play metal pretty easily.
Framus Cobra and Dragon heads can be found for 1000€ already in rare cases - worth watching out for, both are extremely versatile, with the Cobra geared more towards modern metal, while the Dragon is more of an allrounder.
Last but not least: Peavey 5150. Not as cheap in Europe as in the US, but many metal bands use them for a good reason. The cleans are poor though. Definitely worth a try.