What's the cheapest new flying v style guitar on the market. This is just out of curiosity.
well on a serious note there are alot.
you could get a knockoff brand or you could settle for the cheap v's from the higher end brands.

such as

This its pretty good but v's were never my style.my friend has one and it plays pretty well.

and this one one of my other friends has that one and it plays great. i like it even tho again.........v's arent my thing

And im sure there are cheaper ones. just look at different websites such as musciansfriend.com , amazon.com , and guitarcenter.com
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The Jackson JS RR is pretty cheap- its quality reflects its price unfortunately.


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A long time ago I bout some flying v's off a beginning luthier who was selling them on ebay for like 100 bucks each...I bought a black one and a white one and a natural color one...they looked dead on to gibsons...but that's about it...they didn't stay in tune...the pickups sounded like ass which I maybe would have replaced if it woulda stayed in tune...I opened up the back to disconnect the tone controls like I do on all my guitars and it was a soldering mess...but **** I couldn't build a guitar...but I bet they were just parts thrown together and he silkscreened his name on hahaha
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Check out randy dobsons underground ,tell me what you think