Come on you've all seem them, and im looking for the best one

For example
The one with a triangle and the question is to find x, but the person just circled it and wrote its right here

Stuff like that
I once got a punishment exercise to write 750 words on why silence is golden, and another on the importance of handing physics homework in on time - my physics teacher last year was a hardass with a hell of a sick sense of humour - if that counts.

otherwise, nope.
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I have a book full of these but they're exam mistakes. Personal favourite:

Which is more important? The sun or the moon?:
The moon gives us light at night when we need it but the sun gives us light during the day therefore the moon is more important.

But in real situations and actual assignments a guy in my class had to write a 200 word essay on chutney.
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This guy passed.
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