well me n wor jackie went doon last night, i got a ring of a marra hus brain pua failed like, he said it was crack night wen it was clearly heroin night, retard. Anyway i got a call sayin to gan doon n fix me grandas shed reet and i was like "naaa liiiiiikke" cnt de it tht, im smokin me crack. Haha ii ana
Be sure to check out disc 2 of "Queen live at wembley"
It contains some awesome stuff like.............documentaries n stuff.
Queen cam "Brian" - One vision

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where you from?
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Yeah i know what you mean. Harry said that as well.
Also it has been confirmed by leading HeRb members that the triumph thruxton is awesome.
due to consumer demand we will now be selling the triumph daytona with british flag
Has anyone got a tab for smoke on the water. My freind says it uses the chords C#, Am and G along with a diminished E, and that it is in the key of F#. However i just want to learn it off by heart first and then practice it in my room with my little shorts and vest on. Once i learn it off by heart im gna learn it again from a different site so that i will have learned it off by heart and then after that i was thinking of learning it on a harmonica.
ner, smoke on the water doesnt use a diminshed E, it uses a Badd11 and thjen u gan on to depression song 1 by using the natural harmonic scale via the hydrochloric acid scale
Hello, and welcome to the wor jackie thread, this thread contains material that may be unsuitable for children. Such as swearing, unholy lymrics, talks about chords and the super rock riff entitled "smoke on the water". So please put your children to sleep and continue to post in this thread. Thanks very much.
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