Can you use guitar equipment with bass? I know you can't use speakers, is there anything else you can't use? Thanks!
You can use a bass guitar on a guitar amp, even some guitar pedals bass guitars can use, fuzz factory being one of them.
So nothing will break if I use some guitar pedals? And could I use a guitar head with a bass cab?
Yeah you can use a guitar amp. And you CAN use some effects. I've played a bass through my distortion pedal and it sounded like garbage, however that might just be my pedal. My thought, is if you going to have effects, i'd probably invest in bass pedals rather then guitar pedals. Oh yeah another thing. Guitars wah's sound pretty good with bass's. (SOME WAHS)
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Use a bass through a guitar amp and it will break, don't give stupid advice like that.

I think they're reffering to amp as in the head of a head+cabinet stack, in which case it's fine to do so, so long as you use a bass cabinet.
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