i didnt know where to post, so i post it here.

Right, early today, i got some new stirngs for my guitar[12-54]
Really good strings, Ive never gotten heavy stings like this before, and there pretty good. but i dont understand, should they sound tinny? it rattles. you cant hear it when the amps on, only when its off. should it do this? thanks guys.
You might be better off asking in the electric guitar forum, but if you've put heavier guage strings on you'll probably need to raise the action a tad to stop fret buzz. You might need to adjust your truss rod too - I'm pretty sure there's a sticky in Electric Guitar that can explain that a darn sight better than I can!
As zhilla said you might need to adjust you guitar, to avoid the buzzing. Especially if you are chanhing from lower gauge strings. Is the buzz mostly on the low frets?
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