Hi, Don't know if this is the right forum for this but I've just bought a second hand guitar of e bay, It was advertised as a Vintage sg copy, I contacted the seller and asked if it was a vs6 and was told it was. After looking about the net I see Vintage make the vs6 and they also make an sg copy model. When my guitar arrives is there anyway to tell if it is a vs6 or an sg copy? Also how can I tell if it's got the Wilkinson Double Coil pick ups?
Any help would be great.
The VS6 is the SG copy. They just come with Wilkinson pickups as standard, and it has the Wilkinson logo on the pickup, but it does wear off quite easily.

Good guitar though.
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3 posts in a row saying how much we love our Vintage V100's .. We should make a group
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I hate my VS6, enjoy yours.

It's made in the same factories as Epiphones, out of the same stuff and everything like that. All it is really is a G400, but only cheaper.

Saul Goode.

But yeah, we should make a group, I love my V100 too.

And yeah, the VS6 is the SG copy. You can just type in any name to Harmony Central, because they don't really care.
Cam Sampbell's my hero