i didnt know where to post, so i post it here.

Right, early today, i got some new stirngs for my guitar[12-54]
Really good strings, Ive never gotten heavy stings like this before, and there pretty good. but i dont understand, should they sound tinny? it rattles. you cant hear it when the amps on, only when its off. should it do this? thanks guys.
The nut and bridge slots are too small for those heavy gauge strings.

Gotta make'em bigger. But wouldn't recommend it unless you love those 12 gauge strings.

Make sure your strings are stretched, too
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Yeah all new string will sound very thin and rattly as soon as you get them,does play them loads and retune them and it will go away in no time

this. just play a lot and tune them and it'll go away soon.
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this. just play a lot and tune them and it'll go away soon.

I just restringed mine friday and the sound still hasn't gone away, its really annoying, how long will it take for it to go away (I play 4-5 hours a day)
okay cheers. yeah i pretty much tune from Drop c to c stanard every three or four days. so lets hope.