So I got my first floyd rose guitar about 3 weeks ago and wow, how do you tune it? Need detailed instructions.

FR Setup Guide. Use it.
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Ohh boy. I hate FR's myself. They sound great, but set-up can be tough. For me its a crapshoot.

+1 on the set up instructions/guide. If you dont know much about FR's you need to, fast.
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Um... it's a sticky at the top of this forum page....
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unlock the nuts
low e
tune it like that until its in what you want. works everytime. then fine tune
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Will tuning my FR guitar mess with the action, intonation, or whatever?


only you can foul up the setup, work slowly and methodically 1 string at a time (1 string off / 1 string on)
yes it will mess with the action, if you tighten the strings the floyd will raise, raising the action, if you loosen the strings the floyd will drop lowering the action. Just be careful and watch your floyd, it will tell you when you are doing it wrong. I learnt everything from that sticky so just go there.




It tells you....


You need....

to know....
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Yes, as It's your first Floyd, You really should read it , it'll help alot. But no, it won't tell you everything , But anything it won't tell you, me and Madpickin will be happy to answer in there...
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Ok then. I'll take my questions over to the sticky.

Thank you, guys.

No problem.
You can call me Aaron.

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Tune from the g string, b string, then the high e, and then the d, the a, then the low e. thats the way eric johnson/ most piano tuners tune their instruments and it stays in tune a lot longer
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